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The Locative case in Ukrainian is often used to denote location and in this meaning is always used with the preposition "у/в" or "на".
The preposition "у/в" is used to denote location "in" or "inside, within a certain space".
місто - у місті
університет - в університеті
стіл - у столі
The choice of "у" or "в":
At the beginning of a sentence use "у".
У Києві є метро.
In the middle of a sentence the choice depends on surrounding letters. After a word ending in a vowel, use "в", but if the noun in the Locative starts with "в" or "ф" use "у".
Моя кімната в готелі маленька.
But: Там квіти у вазі.

The preposition "на" is used to render the meaning "on", "being on a surface" or "at", such as "at the event".
вікно - на вікні
стіл - на столі
концерт - на концерті.

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