Nominative Case of Personal Pronouns

These types of pronouns are used as the subject of the sentence.

Ez I
Tu You
Ew He/She/It
Em We
Hûn You
Ew They


Ez mamosta me (I am a teacher)
Tu mamosta yî (You are a teacher)
Ew mamosta ye (He/She is a teacher)
Em mamosta ne (We are teachers)
Hûn mamosta ne (You (pl.) are teachers)
Ew mamosta ne (They are teachers)

Nominative Case of Demonstrative Pronouns "Ev" and "Ew":
Ev: This, these
Ev ... e. (This is...)
Ev ... in. (These are...)

Ew: That, those
Ew ... e. (That is ...)
Ew ... in. (Those are ...)

If the complement ends in a vowel:
Ev ... ye. (This is...)
Ev ... ne. (These are...)

Ew ... ye. (That is ...)
Ew ... ne (Those are ...)

Note that the demonstrative pronoun "ev" becomes "eve" in the southern version.

Ev bahol e./Eve bahol e.
This is a bag.

Ev bahol in./Eve bahol in.
These are bags.

Ew xwendekar e.
That is a student.

Ew xwendekar in.
Those are students.

Ev mase ye./Eve mase ye.
This is a table.

Ew mase ne./Eve mase ne.
Those are tables.


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