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Telling Time

**To tell the time, the hour is said first, followed by *díhm.* Next, the minutes are said, followed by *fān.* *chūng* is optional and comes at the end.

==Cantonese== ==English==
yāt díhm (chūng) 1:00
léuhng díhm (chūng) 2:00
(Note: When counting items, like time, *yíh* is replaced with *léuhng*)
sāan díhm yíhsahp luhk fān (chūng) 3:26
sei díhm léuhng hāak 4:00 and 2 quarters
hāak 15 minutes/a quarter
ńgh díhm ńghsahp fān (chūng) 5:50
luhk díhm chà sahp fān 6:50
chà lack/minus
chāt díhm bun 7:30
bun 1/2 (30 minutes)
sahpyíh díhm (chūng) 12:00

**There is no real translation for 'AM' and 'PM', but there are words for 'morning,' 'afternoon,' and 'evening.' These words are said before the time.

jóu seuhng morning
seuhng ńgh late morning
hah ńgh early afternoon
máahn seuhng evening

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