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==English== ==Cantonese==
altogether/total yātgóng
change($) sàangjih, lìhngchín
cheap/inexpensive pèhng
clothes sāam
expensive gwai
how much? géidò chín
long chéuhng
money chín
basic monetary unit màn
yùhn (written)
1/10 of yùhn houhjih
gok (written)
1/100 of yùhn fàn
quality jātleuhng
same/alike yātleuhng
short dyún
size daaihsai, sāaisí
What size? mātyéh máh a?
What number? [size 41,42, etc.] géidò houh a?
small síumáh
medium chūngmáh
large daaihmáh
XL gàdaaihmáh

suitable fit sīkhap
to buy máaih
to exchange wuhn
to give change jáu(chìn)
to sell maaih
to spend(money) sai
to want yiu

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