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==English== ==Cantonese== ==*Classifiers/Measure== apartment (flat) toufóng gàan
bathroom(restroom) sáisáugaàn, chisó tou
bed chòhng jeùng
bedroom seuihfóng go, gàan
bookshelf syùgá go
building (multi-storied) láu, daaihhah joh, gàan
cafeteria faantòhng, sihktohng gàan
chair jèung
desk syùtói jèung
dining room faahntēng go
dining table faahntói jèung
door mùhn douh
dormitory sūkse go
family room yàusīk sāt go
furniture gāsì tou, gihn
garden fāyúh go
home/family go
house ūk gàan
house---private siūk gàan
kitchen chyùhfóng go, gàan
living room haakténg go, gàan
main gate daaih mùhn doh
office baangùngsàt, séjihlàh go
rent(verb) jòu
rent (charge) fóngjòu
room fóng gàan
sofa sōfa, jèung
study syùfóng gáan
utilities (water&electric) séuidihnfai

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