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From a Cantonese Restaurant Menu
====Cantonese==== =========English=========
炒面 fried Noodles
叉烧包 barbecued pork bun
春卷 spring roll
蛋花汤 egg flower soup
豆腐花 tofu flower
点心喝茶 Dim Sum, tea and snacks
凤爪 'Phoenix Claw' (chicken feet)
鸡肉拌面 chicken lo mein
咖哩牛肉 curry beef
咕噜肉 sweet and sour pork
虾炒饭 shrimp fried rice
虾饺 shrimp dumplings
香片茶 jasmine tea
龙凤汤 dragon and phoenix soup
蘑菇鸡 mushroom chicken
牛肉粥 beef congee
糯米鸡 glutinous rice dumpling with chicken
烧卖 steamed pork ball
铁板三鲜锅巴 three flavors on a sizzling platter
馄饨 wonton

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