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From a Cantonese Restaurant Menu

====Cantonese==== =========English=========
cháaumihn fried noodles
chàsīubāau barbecued pork bun
chēun'gyún spring roll
dáanfātòng egg flower soup
dauhfā tofu flower (dessert)
dímsām, yámchàh Dim Sum, tea and snacks
fuhngjáau 'Phoenix Claw' (chicken feet)
gāiyuhklòuhmihn chicken lo mein
gàlèihngàauhyuhk curry beef
gùlòuhyuhk sweet and sour pork
hàcháaufaahn shrimp fried rice
hàgáau shrimp dumplings
hèungpín cha jasmine tea
lòhngfuhngtòng dragon and phoenix soup
mòhgùgāi mushroom chicken
ngàauhyuhkjūk beef congee
nohmáihgāi glutinous rice dumpling with chicken
sìumáai steamed pork ball
titbáansàamsìnfáanjiu three flavors w/ crispy rice on a sizzling plate
wàhntàn wonton

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