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==Cantonese== ==English==
sìngkèih yāt Monday
sìngkèih yíh Tuesday
sìngkèih sāam Wednesday
sìngkèih sei Thursday
sìngkèih ńgh Friday
sìngkèih luhk Saturday
sìngkèih yaht Sunday

gàmtīn Today
mìhngtīn Tomorrow
joktīn Yesterday
chíhntīn 2 days ago
hauhtīn Day after tomorrow

sìngkèih (láaihbaaih) Week
nīgo sìngkèih This Week
hahgo sìngkèih Next Week
seuhnggo sìngkèih Last Week

yātyuht January
yíhyuht February
sāamyuht March
seiyuht April
ńghyuht May
luhkyuht June
chātyuht July
baatyuht August
gáuyuht September
sahpyuht October
sahpyātyuht November
sahpyíhyuht December

yuht Month
nīgo yuht This Month
hahgo yuht Next Month
seuhnggo yuht Last Month

nìhn Year
gàm nìhn (nín) This Year
gauh nìhn (nín) Last Year
cheut nìhn (nín) Next Year

**When saying dates or times in Chinese, the biggest part comes first and the smallest last, opposite of normal English.

yātgáuseigáu nín sāamyuht yíhsahpńgh houh March 25, 1949
(Note: *houh* is usually used when speaking the date, while *yaht* is usually used when writing it.)

sìngkèihluhk sāam díhn yāt hāak Saturday, 3:15

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